Toenail Fungus Treatment Oil

Many people ask me about how they can get rid of toenail fungus. These people have generally tried a variety of topical treatments ointments, oils, soaks, and creams with no success. And that’s because toenail fungus is difficult to get rid of.
A toenail infected by fungus can be partially or fully discoloured, crumbly, lined, and/or lined. I used to have a mild case of toenail fungus many years ago and it took a lot of patience to get rid of it. I’ve helped a few people get rid of theirs as well using procedure below:

– Cut your toenail as deeply as you can. Do this often.
– Shave it down using a nail file or a nail buffing square readily available at a drug store. Do this at least twice a month.
– Make a 1:1 mixture of neem oil and tea tree essential oil and apply it EVERY NIGHT to the whole area around and on top of the affected toenail until the fungus goes away and then another two weeks to make sure it’s gone. It generally takes 2 months of diligence to get rid of the fungus.
Both neem oil and tea tree oil are potent antifungals. Tea tree oil is easily found at a drug store or health food store. Neem oil can be found at an Indian/Pakistani store and at some health food stores. If this recipe doesn’t work for you or if you have some lying around, you can consider adding in some oregano oil to the mix as well.

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