Summertime Skin Care

Summer isn’t officially here, but it’s definitely getting warmer which means it’s time to get some extra skin protection on – more antioxidants in and on your skin!
Here are 3 oils that are chock full of antioxidants to help the skin on your face (and the rest of your body) moisturised and protected:
– Raspberry seed oil: There was a study a while back that elucidated that this oil may have an SPF of >25 – I’m not sure if the results are extremely reliable :). Anyway, this one is great for any kind of skin – dark, light, young, mature, dry, combination, or greasy – since it is antioxidant-rich, non-clogging, and non-greasy. If you don’t use any sunscreen, this might be a good option for you to use before heading out.
– Camellia seed oil: Full of vitamins, this oil is extracted from the seeds of green tea plants. You know how green tea is touted to have a lot of antioxidants? Well, the same goes for its seeds 🙂 This is another oil that is great for all skin types and where it really shines is in helping damaged skin, so it’s great for after you’re done soaking up some sun – perhaps a few drops on its own or mixed into your moisturiser.
– Pomegranate seed oil: Like the oils listed above, this one’s full of vitamins and minerals and antioxidants that helps keep your skin supple and smooth regardless of skin type. It’s anti-inflammatory and especially good for sunburns.
There are tons of other oils that you can use on your face (and body) but these ones are my summer favourites. You can use them on their own as moisturisers after cleansing your face to lock in moisture, you can add a few drops to your moisturiser, and you can even add a few drops to your sunscreen (especially the raspberry seed oil). Buy organic cold-pressed oils for denser nutrient profiles – you want the good stuff!
Should you forgo the sunscreen and use oils instead? And what are some good sunscreen brands anyway? Find out in my next post!

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