Naturopathic Care

One-on-one services are available to you in person in Aurora, ON.
Virtual consults via a secure telemedicine platform is available to anyone living in Ontario as long as you can connect to the internet.

Online Programs

Periodicity is a 6-week online group program offering a clear roadmap to transforming your periods and menstrual cycles.

Registration opens a few times per year only and group sizes are kept small to dive deep into the art and science of your menstrual cycles.

Learn more about Periodicity and hop on the waiting list.

Special Events

In-person and online events are being scheduled quite regularly.

These include events like masterclasses, free online challenges, solstice workshops, cooking classes, DIY classes, and plant magic workshops.

Sign up for upcoming events and learn more about past events.

Naturopathic Approach

Comprehensive Assessment

It all starts with a full evaluation of your health concerns.
Nothing in your body works in isolation, so it’s not enough to talk about your hormonal symptoms. How’s your sleep? Energy levels? Digestion? Hair, skin, and nails? What stresses you out and how does it show up in your body and in your life? You probably get where I’m going with this!
After covering all areas of your health, a review of your bloodwork, supplements, and meds is done. Additional individualized testing may be required right away or down the line.
And then there will be homework! You’ll learn more and more about the nuances of your body and using that information, a plan will be tailored for you, your lifestyle, your medical history, your family history, and where you are in life.
It’s a collaborative process!

Individualized Plan

Your care plan will be tailored specifically to you, your personal history, your family history, your assessment, your lifestyle, and your goals. Your care plan will typically cover the following areas:

Food & Nutrition: Easy-to-implement strategies that incorporate whole foods is the way to go. Say not to restrictive fad diets!

Strategic Supplementation: You don’t need every hormonal supplement to boost energy, feel good, and support your health. Strategy is key.

Herbs & Teas: A great adjunct to support hormonal health.

Movement: There’s no substitute for movement – we’ll start where you are and take it from there!

Lifestyle & Mindset: You can’t achieve your best health if you’re not filling your cup or working on your mindset. We’ll keep it simple and effective to fit your life and lifestyle!

Hormones: Natural desiccated thyroid, estrogen, or progesterone are added in when and if required. Hormone therapy is safe and effective when used appropriately with the proper testing in place!

Injections & more: B12 injections and nebulized glutathione will be added in if needed.

Referrals: You may be referred to other practitioners such as pelvic floor physiotherapists, massage therapists, and your medical doctor(s) based on your health concerns and assessment.

Your treatment plan may include acupuncture. Acupuncture is gentle and effective for a variety of different health concerns – it expedites your journey to transforming your hormones.

If you’re afraid of needles, then know that it’s nothing like a blood draw! Acupuncture can be helpful for PCOS, menstrual irregularities, painful periods, endometriosis, infertility, thyroid disorders, perimenopausal symptoms, stress and anxiety, hypertension, and more.

IVF & IUI acupuncture is available. Pre-labour acupuncture is also available.

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture is definitely the way to go for vibrant skin at any adult age. This is wholistic skin support for sure!

Learn more about acupuncture services. Note: all acupuncture treatments are under the umbrella of naturopathy.

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