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Periodicity is your clear roadmap to transforming your periods

Problematic periods?

I've been there.

I know what it’s like to:

  • have hormonal acne, constipation, bloating, breast tenderness, joint pain, and cravings
  • feel confused and overwhelmed by all the conflicting info out there and not know where to start
  • be on an unpredictable and erratic hormonal/emotional rollercoaster ride
  • have no libido, no motivation, and no one to put all the pieces together
  • have no idea what the heck is happening during the menstrual cycle
  • spend money on all sorts of things trying to DIY period problems


If you're ready to say bye-bye to hormonal overwhelm, you're in the right place!
Hi, I'm Dr. Anne Hussain,
Naturopathic Doctor, Period Literacy Advocate, & Hormone Detective

I’m passionate about periods, menstrual cycles, hormonal health, and supporting you.

Really paying attention to my cycle over time, noticing the ebb and flow of symptoms, and tracking all the changes is what allowed me to advocate for myself and get a diagnosis of PCOS (PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome) and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Then, I started on transforming my health at all levels – physical, emotional, and spiritual – and my acne, hirsutism, irregular cycles, constipation, bloating, and mood changes all started to get better.

I’ve seen hundreds of patients who struggle with these issues and, like me at the beginning, don’t know what to do.

That’s why I created Periodicity. I want to support and empower you to listen to your body, transform your menstrual cycles, and have a clear path to healthy hormones.

I believe that when you support your cycles, your cycles can support you

Periodicity is for you if you desire:

  • more energy, improved libido, less mood swings, better digestion, and less PMS
  • freedom from fad diets and quick-fix solutions that don’t get to the bottom of your period problems
  • clarity around why you feel the way you do during your whole cycle
  • a harmonious relationship with your menstrual cycle so you can navigate your periods with ease
  • to lean into your cycles and tap into this natural blueprint
  • to optimize your nutrition, self-care, productivity, movement, and habits in accordance with your cycles

The Four Pillars of Periodicity



You can’t fix your cycle if you don’t know what’s up with your cycle! Explore the physiology and magic of your menstrual cycle, meet your main hormonal players and how they can contribute to PMS, and learn the ins and outs of charting your cycle. This pillar is all about you getting to know your body, your periods, and your cycle.

2 lessons:

(1) Period Literacy &  Menstrual Cycle Overview

(2) Tracking & Charting the Nuances of Your Menstrual Cycle



In order for your period to flow, everything else has to flow as well! Restore your body’s natural elimination and detoxification pathways so you can build a solid foundation from the ground up. This pillar is all about cleaning up your system so your periods can flow smoothly.

2 lessons:

(1) Clearing Away Your PMS through Lymph &  Liver

(2) Clearing The Path to Peaceful Periods by Resting & Digesting



Nourish your body with all the ingredients it needs to produce peaceful periods and a smooth premenstrual phase. This pillar is all about what to put in your body – food, teas, herbs, and self-love – for peaceful periods.

3 lessons:

(1) Fuelling Your Periods with Protein & Fat

(2) Fuelling Your Periods with Carbs, Fibre & Antioxidants

(3) Filling Your Cup With Compassion, Spices, & Tea



Flourish your way forward now that you’ve explored, restored, and nourished your body. This pillar is all about putting everything together so you can embrace the cycles in your life. Learn how to implement cyclical living that suits your life and your needs. You’ll learn how to ebb and flow in sync with your cycle.

1 lesson:

Go With The Flow – Peaceful Periods And Cyclical Living

What past participants are saying about Periodicity:

I loved learning all the new ways to support my body. The herbs and teas (were) super helpful and I really enjoyed that section. I thought there was a lot of really good information throughout the program and I enjoyed it all! – Daina

I really enjoyed the cooking class. It was such a fun and unexpected bonus of the program. – Taylor

I really liked understanding the why… Made it easier to understand and remember…! – Anna

I honestly learned so much from you and your program. (I learned) how to take control of my hormones and how certain foods affect my cycle and well being. Thank you for your gifts. – Saira
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