What I’m Doing to Support My Health in 2021

Life continues in a strange way as this new year begins and I thought I’d write about some things we can do in our daily lives to support our health. 

I’ve been hearing from my patients, friends, and family alike that it’s been really hard to keep on top of their regular health habits like eating nutritious foods, keeping up with exercise, sleeping on time, staying hydrated, and more.

What I’ve been recommending is pick one thing that you think will make the biggest difference or that will be easiest to stick to and start there.  Here are some ideas:

– I will drink 6 glasses of water today
– I will have 2 servings of fruit today
– I will have 2 servings of veggies today
– I will move for 5/10/15 (pick your time) minutes today – you can do this all at once or split it up into smaller chunks throughout the day
– I’m going to skip the alcohol today
– I’m going to read for 5/10/15 minutes today
– I will get in bed at 11:00pm tonight
– I will take all my supplements
– I will replace my 3rd coffee with a tea 😉
– I will listen to a song I love today

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You can layer on other things on top if/when possible. You can do the same thing every single day or pick a different thing to focus on on a daily/weekly basis. Commit to one thing daily when you wake up.


My main focus for the last little while has been walking. I love walking in general and it’s a big part of my life pandemic or no pandemic. In the last year especially, walking has been my exercise, my therapy, my self-care, my hormone support, my sleep support, and my solace. I walk daily and try to walk when there’s daylight and especially if the sun’s out. If not, I’ll walk at night. If I’m too lazy to walk outside, I’ll walk/pace in my house.

Here are some photos from recent walks – sometimes I go to my favourite local conservation areas/forests for my walks 🙂



My other focus has been to try to eat more nutritious foods. During March – April of last year, my food habits really took a hit as I self-soothed with chips, chocolate, and pop corn. And, honestly, cooking has been seeming really daunting to me (and this continues to be the case), so I’ve been making extremely simple food and focusing on what’s easy – I’m having more frozen veggies vs. fresh and having smoothies regularly so I can pack that with lots of fruits and veggies and healthy fats. Then, if I have chips or popcorn, at least I have vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in my system as well. I’m all about focusing on adding healthy habits in vs. taking away my self-soothing mechanisms at the moment.

We’re all experiencing things a little bit differently – most of us have been up and down. All of this is okay – life is continuing in its interesting way while we navigate this evolving local and global situation. Make sure to cut yourself some slack and start to move the needle on your health by focusing on 1-2 things.


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