Hair Serum for Shiny & Healthy Locks

I love plant-based oils and I talk a lot about them in my seminars and workshops. I recently ran DIY skin care workshops at my Aurora & Richmond Hill clinics where we used carrier and essential oils to make skin food and had a great time doing so 🙂
For your hair, you want to go with light oils that won’t make your hair greasy but instead will offer protection, give it a bit of a shine, be nourishing, and minimise frizz. That’s what this recipe offers:
You will need:
– 1 tsp jojoba and/or almond oil
– 1 tsp argan oil
– 1 drop frankincense and/or rosemary essential oil*
*Frankincense is calming and has been used for centuries in spiritual practises. Rosemary is great for increasing circulation and promoting hair growth.
Add everything to a container/bottle, adjusting the amounts accordingly, and massage a few drops into the scalp and hair when your hair is damp to lock in moisture i.e. after you’ve towel-dried your hair (and before you style it). Check out my Nourishing Hair Oil post for healthy hair tips and a hair mask recipe.

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