Acne Spot Treatment

Many of us have been and are still affected by acne, whether it be small pimples that come and go quickly or ones that are really inflamed and last for days.
Your acne can be caused by a variety of factors (usually in combination) including:
– poor hygiene
– hormonal imbalances
– food sensitivities
– poor diet (not enough water, too much sugar/carbs, vitamin/mineral deficiencies etc.)
– lack of movement/exercise
– lack of sleep/rest
– choice of personal care /make-up products
– use of birth control pill (although this is used to control acne in many cases, the birth control pill changes your body’s hormones and can cause acne)
To help you figure out the underlying causes of your acne, consult with your naturopathic doctor. Meanwhile, look at the recipes below 🙂

You can use these treatments at any time of the day, but I like doing the honey one during the day because it’s stickier and leaves rust-coloured residue on my pillowcase. I follow it up with the castor oil one at night.
All the ingredients really help bring down redness and swelling as well as speeding up process of the pimple coming to a head and healing the skin to decrease the chance of scarring.
– pinch of cinnamon powder
– pinch of nutmeg powder
– enough raw or manuka honey to make a thick gooey paste
– 1 drop lavender essential oil
Mix all of these together and dab onto the affected area after washing your face. Leave on for as long as you can; sometimes, this will be on my face for a good 5-6 hours if I’m home for that long.
– 1 drop lavender essential oil
– 1 drop tea tree essential oil
– 4-5 drops of castor oil
Mix all of these together and apply directly onto the affected area after cleansing your face. If applying this at night before bed, make sure you wash your face in the morning.
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