7 Day


Dr. Anne’s 7 Day Reset is a plant-based program designed to nourish your whole body, support your detoxification processes, and reset your palate in just 1 week!

In just 7 days, you can start shifting your health to:

Banish Bloat

Increase your energy

Decrease Inflammation

Reset Your Palate

Improve Your Metabolism

Support Your Body's Detox PathwayS

How It Works

Hi! I’m Dr. Anne and I love using a plant-based diet to support hormones and metabolism. I regulated my own hormones after a diagnosis of PCOS and got my autoimmune thyroiditis under control with plant-based medicine.

 I created the 7 Day Reset for shifting my own and my patients’ health quickly in order to break out of patterns that are holding us back, feel accomplished and empowered to make further changes in our health and lifestyle, and to realize that we can transform our health even in a short period of time.

Let’s be real: we all fall into habits of overeating and making dietary choices that disallow us from feeling out best (me included!), especially around the holidays, on vacation, and when we’re stressed. I use this 7 Day Reset as a way to recalibrate my body and health and hope you will too.

    What You Get

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    Frequently asked questions

    No! You can be plant-based or omnivorous to do the program, but the program includes no animal products.

    You have to start somewhere! It takes 21 days to form a habit and approximately 70 days to have that habit become automatic behaviour; however, for most people, 7 days is an achievable goal while attaining the results of improved energy and metabolism.

    This program is not geared toward weight loss, but 100% of patients thus far have lost some weight during the 7 Day Reset. Anywhere between 2-7lb for women and 4-10lb for men is what Dr. Anne sees.

    The plan is based on an anti-inflammatory diet, so it’ll be suitable for most people. However, you can make some substitutions if you must and you can always connect with Dr. Anne on Instagram or via email and she will be happy to guide you.

    Yes! Dr. Anne does this at least 2-4 times per year – after a new year begins, in the spring, at the end of summer, and after a vacation. When you sign up, you’ll be emailed whenever the next live dates are set. Dr. Anne does this when she’s feeling sluggish from overeating over a long period of time or from making dietary

    This program isn’t geared toward clearing out the bowels. It is meant to nourish the body, support your detox pathways, and give your digestion a bit of a break from the burdens of your daily dietary habits.

    Yes, please do not discontinue any medications or supplements prescribed by your medical, naturopathic, or functional medicine doctors unless you have discussed it with them.

    Dr. Anne recommends starting on your day off since day 1 might be a big change from your normal habits. For menstruating women, Dr. Anne suggests starting during your ovulatory phase (middle of the cycle) since motivation and self-control are typically higher at this point in your cycle.

    You will receive a guide with tips for what to do next via email once your 7 days are done.

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