Transforming your periods and fertility using plant-based medicine

Transforming your periods and fertility using plant-based medicine


Has your doctor ever asked you about your period flow, your cervical mucus, your PMS symptoms, your sex drive, or whether you are able to orgasm?
Have they asked you how you feel throughout your WHOLE menstrual cycle?

Your menstrual cycle tells us vital information about your hormones, your organ systems, and your risk factors for future diseases.

Whether you’re struggling with heavy periods, PMS, PCOS, PMDD, infertility, or unexplained cyclical issues, you deserve a healthcare team who will help you not only with your health goals, but also teach you about how your hormones impact you and your life.

We need menstruators in all kinds of roles all across the world. It is my mission to provide nurturing healthcare in a way that respects you and your life so you can live life fully.

Hi, I'm Dr. Anne (she/her)!

I believe that when we take care of our hormones and health, we can accomplish anything.

I love empowering menstruators to get to know our bodies really well, to not settle for subpar health and healthcare, to learn about our options, and to elevate our health because without optimal health, we can’t be there for ourselves or our loved ones.

As a plant-based practitioner, I love using whole foods, herbs, and acupuncture to support the healing process. That’s exactly how I regulated my period, transformed my skin, supported my thyroid, and improved my mood after a diagnosis of PCOS.

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Period & Hormone Literacy

We dive deep into your full menstrual cycle starting all the way from puberty. We discuss your cycle length, sex drive,  premenstrual symptoms, flow, and more!

We go over ALL the signs and symptoms your body is giving you and how you can live in sync with your cycle for successful health and life outcomes

Personalized Plan & Transformation

You deserve a plan that is tailored to you, your goals, and your lifestyle.

 We utilize all the information we’ve gathered to make a personalized plan that includes nutrition, strategic supplementation, herbal medicine, lifestyle habits like exercise and self-care, and possibly acupuncture.

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